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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the the art and practice of using essential oils  extracted from aromatic plants and herbs to enhance health, beauty and well being. Using the certain essential oils we can treat conditions ranging from infections and skin disorders to immune deficiencies and stress.

How do the essential oils work?

Aromatherapy works two fold.

Inhaling the essential oils trough the nerve endings of the nose, signals are passed in an area of the brain that controls emotions, where a different neuro-chemicals are produced - serotonin, which calms, or endorphin, which gives a natural "high" mood.

Applied topically (massage oils&bars, soaps, body butters  the very small molecules of essential oils are absorbed through the skin and dissolved in the natural body fats and fluids.

Flowing around the body in the lymphatic and blood systems, they can relax or stimulate, detoxify or regenerate.

How they can be used?

1Inhalation - the simplest form of use. It is recommended to put 2 or 3 drops of essential oil onto a handkerchief holding it under the nose, or to put them in the 0.5L boiling water and inhale them approx. 10 min. twice a day. Breathing, the oils will stimulate your body to create antibodies, vital to building good health and a strong immune system.

2Aroma Lamps - warm a mixture of water and essential oil over a candle to diffuse the aroma into the room. Start with 5-10 drops of essential oil blend and add more if needed. Be careful - more is not always better! Some oils such as lavender, sedating at low levels but stimulating at high.

3Topically - The best way to apply essential oils to the skin is using them diluted in massage oils, body butter, soaps or cream. Aromatherapy massage is the oldest form of healing. Using blends of essential oils it is a therapeutic treatment for both mind and body which works mainly on the nervous system.

Base vegetable fats and oils play an important role in diluting highly concentrated essential oils. Never apply essential oils directly to the skin. Usually, add 20 drops of essential oil blend to every 100 ml/ 4oz of carrier oil.

4Bath- Add 5 to 10 drops into one tablespoon of vegetable oil, gently disperse it into the tub with water, than soak and enjoy.


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