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Lip Balm

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Hand Balm

Hand Balm (1)

Foot Balm

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Dry skin (particularly on the lips, hands and feet) seems to be an ongoing problem of many people. Conditions of unpleasant inflamed skin (dermatitis) can vary from dry, rough, hot and itchy to broken, raw and bleeding skin in people of all age groups.

One of the answers to this problem is applying of natural balms - creamy textured products which contain ONLY herbal extracts and oils, just as LaSoy balms are. They are created to promote healing and strengthen of damaged skin cells as well to protect healthy skin from harsh environmental exposures.

Regular water based creams generally contain mineral oils, which soft the skin cells only temporarily - as soon as the water evaporates the skin is drier than it was previously and more cream needs to be applied to get the desired result.

LaSoy balms contain a combination of selectively chosen vegetable oils and extracts

LaSoy balms will hydrate, smooth, nourish and revitalize your destroyed skin leaving it velvety soft and moisturized on a long term.
LaSoy is also offering a specially designed baby balm for daily care of your little one and ANTIBACTERIAL COSMETIC GEL  a great help for special conditions like fungus and unpleasant smell of the feet.


LaSoy will make your skin La Soyeux!