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LaSoy handmade soaps are made with pure vegetable oils (olive, coconut and palm), purified water, vitamin E and essential oils. Our soaps are not store bought melt and pour glycerin soaps which are made with alcohol and propylene glycol (antifreeze), but rather pure soap . . . made from scratch, with all natural ingredients.

The saponification process turns the oils, lye and water into soap and glycerin; no further processing, no toxic chemicals, alcohols, preservatives (parabens), or foaming agents (SLS) are added, resulting in nothing but pure full bodied soap with the wonderful, moisturizing glycerin, which is not removed and is so luxurious to your skin.

Because of the 5% less lye is needed to saponify the oil, our bars are more moisturizing and the lather is so rich it makes you look forward to using it! Some soap may also contain natural herbal exfoliating ingredients including oatmeal, citrus peel, nuts or botanicals such as herb leaves or flower petals. Other added ingredients may include spices, honey and natural colours such as beta carotene, carmine and chlorophyll. Vitamin E is used as a natural preservative and anti-aging agent.

Our soap has wonderful fragrant qualities created by Mother Nature. Modern terminology now calls this aromatherapy.

Once the soap is finished it is poured into molds, and after setting up it is individually hand cut in a shape that is easy to handle. The soaps are then cured and carefully examined for consistent color and healthy pH level, individually inspected, hand wrapped and sealed to preserve the essential oils evaporate before earning the LaSoy label.

Some bars may not be perfect, but it adds to the uniqueness of handcrafted soaps.

We make our own base in creating these wonderful bars. We maintain high quality standards in ingredients, processing and handcrafting. We strive to maintain quality in our products and because we craft in small quantities, we are better able to control product quality.
Soapmaking is very long, drawn out process, but I am sure you will find our effort as well worth!

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