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Baby Shea Balm

High-quality baby care product made with the finest and most potent ingredients!

70 % Shea butter intensely hydrates & protects the skin, improving its elasticity
15% Calendula officinalis oil/ Marygold/ with strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, excellent heal infected and damaged skin.
10% Aloe vera gel: well known regenerator that revive and revitalize irritated skin
5% Apricot Kernel Oil rich in vitamin A, helps dry, irritated and sensitive skin heal faster.

LaSoy  Baby Shea Balm is a perfectly safe moisturizer that protects, soothes and softens delicate or irritated baby’s skin. Works ideally on skin that is dry, scratched, chapped or sun-burned. Reduce redness and inflammation, alleviate rash and eczema.
Ideal for baby massage as well for protection of lips and cheeks during the winter.

NO parabens
NO petrochemicals
NO artificial colors and fragrances

Available unscented in 50 ml plastic jar with a lid, or scented on request

Ingredients: Shea butter, Marygold oil, Aloe vera gel, Apricot kernel oil, Glycerin, Vitamin E

How to use: Wash your baby’s bottom and gently apply a thin layer of the bottom balm on a dry skin. You may also apply on baby’s lips and cheeks to prevent chapped skin especially in winter

Baby Shea Balm

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High-quality baby care product made with the finest and most potent ingredients! 
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