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Face Care

The skin of the face needs more attention than the rest of the body. Taking care of face will show how you respect yourself. Therefore we at LaSoy have created the beautiful line of facial care products for balancing, nourishing and revitalizing of your face. They are all handmade from the finest botanical ingredients that will balance your skin, invigorating, refreshing and restoring the tired facial skin cells.
  • NO parabens
  • NO mineral oils
  • NO artificial emulsifiers
It is good to begin a daily ritual of facial care with awaking of the face, washing it with lukewarm water and facial cleanser – LaSoy natural facial soaps link do facial soaps that will purify and hydrate your skin. After, you may apply a natural toner or simply nourish the skin with a facial cream link do grapefruit crème or natural oils depends from the skin type (dry, mixed, sensitive or mature).

From time to time a facial exfoliation with a natural scrub is recommended in order to detoxify skin and remove dead skin cells.
By the end of the day face requires cleaning of all impurities with a natural lotion or soap and relaxing of the tired skin with a gentle massage. The skin around your eyes, cheeks, forehead and neck will be glad to feel the powerful benefit of marigold crème link do LaSoy marigold crème, whipped shea butter or natural oils lthat will offer a calm dream while regenerating your face for the next day.

Nature is full of amazing healing power, so experience it with LaSoy!

For years I have lived with the belief that oil on oily skin is a big no-no & that drying the skin with highly astringent cleansers and using oil-free moisturisers were the best ways to prevent spots. I couldn't have been more wrong!!! As it happens, it is a vicious circle - the more you dry your skin, the more oil is produced by the glands. End result - oily skin & dull complexion!

I recommend you combine the balancing face cream with a gentle facial wash, pure flower water toner & a green clay mask once a week and with a healthy diet, your skin will look healthier, too, very soon!

Rossi :-)

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An excellent deep cleansing exfoliant for treating all skin types. This all natural facial scrub will help tremendously in removing impurities and toxins. May either be used as a facial scrub or as a facial mask. 
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Goji Crème

600.00 MKD
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A thick and rich nourishing cream for dry, delicate and sensitive skin. It is all handmade and natural produced from high grade vegetable oils. 
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