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Perfect moment for perfect tea cup

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In order to enjoy your cup of tea it is important to have a relaxed atmosphere and to provide enough time for performing tea ceremony. Appropriate moments for having a cup of tea are: when it’s drizzling, when kids are not at home, while chitchatting in the midnight, on the spring eve near the bamboo wood, when your are absentminded, with a good friend or a beautiful woman.

Non-appropriate moments for having a cup of tea are: when it’s pouring, when kids are at home, at the theater, while opening a letter. You should avoid a bad weather, crowded places, people in bad mood, talkative persons, money troubles, quarrelsome women and shrill kids. (Advices from a China tea book (Cha Su))


Why should You drink a Tea?

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Tea is comprised of three main active ingredients : catechins (antioxidants), L-theanine and caffeine. After consuming the tea they worked together to promote good health, weight loss and beauty.

Caffeine is found on the outer membrane of the beautiful tea leaf, not in order to wake us up in the morning but to self-defense from insects. Caffeine stimulates the system, speed up circulation and is important for weight loss, but too much caffeine is not good for the body. Tea contains far less caffeine than the coffee and also contains the miracle ingredient– a unique amino acid L-theanine that neutralizes the caffeine harmful effect. It is found exclusively in the tea plant.


Tea Plant and Tea grades

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There are many legends surrounding tea discovery but it is thought that tea's origins date back to around 2700 BC, when Emperor Shen Nung was resting beneath a tree in the mountainous areas of China's Yunnan province whilst his servant prepared some water on the fire.

Tea plantThe wind picked up and blew a leaf from the tree into the water, the Emperor decided to try the liquor, and after drinking felt revived. The tree was a tea tree and he reputedly went on to discover the medicinal benefits of this precious potion.

From this period onward there are many references to tea being either offered as gifts to Emperors or requested as remedy and detoxifying agent.

Thanks to the public tea market we are now able to discover wonderful new varieties, new flavors, new shapes and fragrances.


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