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Essential Oils

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Naturally cultivated and steam distilled, these pure oils are extracted from the leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, berries and fruits of various herbs, shrubs and trees. For years they have been used to make the finest perfumes and toiletries, but also were cherished for their soothing and healing qualities.

Essential oils are very strong and need to be diluted in vegetable oil.  When the strength of an essential oil is discussed, it is not referring to the aroma, but to the individual characteristics of the oil. Some essential oils are thousands of times stronger than their fruit counterparts. One drop will do a lot!  More is NEVER better when working with essential oils.


It's an antiseptic, stimulant indicated for muscular pains and aches and rheumatism.

Also used as an insect repellent.



Bergamot oil is used in aromatherapy to combat anxiety and nervous tension.

It also benefits skin conditions such as acne,psoriasis and eczema. Natural skin toner and detoxifier it may prevent premature aging.

LemonbalmLEMONBALM (Melissa officinalis)

Often used for its antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Balm tones circulation relieves from stress and tension, antidepressant.

Basil oilBASIL OIL

Due to the many pharmaceutical properties it is called "king of the plants".

It has become a medicine for asthma, cough, bronchitis, it alleviate anxiety, relieves stress, mental fatigue, insomnia and headache.

It stimulates circulation and refreshes the dull skin and hair. It eliminates acne and cellulite.

Cedar oilCEDAR OIL

The cedar wood essential oil restores the shine of dull hair, eliminating dyschromia.

It controls sebum and normalizes oil secretions on face and scalp.

It addresses hair loss by stimulating blood circulation.

This action also helps to improve cellulite. It has an antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

Chamomille oilCHAMOMILLE OIL

Chamomile oil has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes redness and itching and promotes healthy skin.

Protects and heals sensitive dry skin.

Excellent for hair care treatments.

It also relieves from stress, headaches and insomnia.

essential7CLARY SAGE

A pharmaceutical herb rich in volatile oils, such as thujone, linalole, salvene and tannins, flavonoids, oestrogens.

Due to its rich composition, it is regarded as a strong anti-ageing agent.

It helps skin cell regeneration, it decreases thin lines, wrinkles and chaps, relives mental and emotional stress. 

It has effective action against dryness, dandruff, hair loss. It relaxes muscular aches and pains.

Clove oilCLOVE OIL

This essential oil has antiseptic, a ntimicrobial and stimulant effect.

Ideal for rheumatism, arthritis sprains.

It has warming, revitalizing qualities and is often used in soapmaking.

Cypress oilCYPRESS OIL

It calms blocked muscles and cramps.

It normalizes the production of fat in oily hair, skin, the acne and the dandruff.

Therefore it is an impressive for the treatment against cellulite, because it strengthens the tissues, stimulates microcirculation and removes toxins.

It prevents and mitigates veins, varices and chaps.

It relieves the pain caused by haemorrhoids and soothes swollen feet, when used in feet bath or feet massage.


A strong antiseptic agent which alleviate bronchitis, whooping cough and fever.

Eucalyptus vapour inhalations clean the respiratory system and refresh the breath.

It calms body and spirit, energizes the brain activity.

Geranium oilGERANIUM OIL

Geranium helps all skin types, because it supports skin cell regeneration and skin wound healing.

It gives brightness and healthiness to the skin, making it look youthful and vivid.

It eliminates broken veins and discernible capillaries from the face and other areas.

It soothes inflammation, burns and redness.


The oil is rich in anti-oxidants and especially Vitamin C.

Antiviral, antiseptic, astringent and toning, it prevents skin infections.

Particularly effective in treating oily skin and acne.

Stimulates the nervous system. Also used for cellulite and muscle fatigue.


Lemongrass is an analgesic, stimulates circulation and tones the skin. Indicated for cellulite and skin sluggishness.

Regulates sebum production therefore it's used for acne treatments and skin infections.

Effective as a skin toner because it naturally dilates the blood vessels , tightening pores and regenerating connective tissue. It is also an insect repellent.


A symbol of hope, happiness and love. It has a unique scent of mystery and magic.

Its sensual scent creates a feeling of euphoria and mental uplift.

It causes positive feelings, relaxes, soothes and refreshes. Also gives brightness to any skin type, hydrates the dry skin and has anti-age effect.


Stimulating the elimination of wastes, juniper oil improves conditions such as arthritis, fluid retention and sluggish lymph glands.

Also it stimulates circulation and is beneficial anti-cellulite fighter.

Helps fight anxiety, mental fatigue, and stress.

Lemon oilLEMON OIL

Lemon oil has refreshing and antibacterial properties.

It is a natural purifier which clears the skin from blemishes and offers deep cleansing.

It also prevents skin discoloration.


Well known  antiseptic and deodorant which stimulates blood circulation, alleviate muscle pains, heals wounds, soothes redness and acne and regulates fat secretions in the face and scalp.

It reduces anger and minimizes stress.

It will restore your physical and mental condition at normal levels.


Since ancient times, it has been known for its  antiseptic and aromatic properties.

It relieves spasmodic pains, eliminates stress, relaxes muscles and has calming properties.

It also stimulates the mind and improves mental ability. Peppermint oil leaves skin feeling soft and silk and also regulates and normalizes oily skin and hair.


Tangerine oil is extracted from the Citrus reticulate (or else known as Citrus nobilis).

The oil is known to have stress relieving properties.

It tones dull skin and reduces water retention.

Used also in creams and lotions to restore the skin and prevent forming of stretch marks.

Orange oilORANGE OIL

It is the one of the richest source of vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

It has very effective secretion regulator providing brightness to the skin.

It stimulates blood circulation and softens the rough and chapped skin.

 Pine oilPINE OIL

Pine oil treats various skin problems such as acne and eczema.

It has analgesic, antibacterial, energizing and antiviral properties.

Pine oil also stimulates circulation and is used for muscular pains, arthritis, lice, sores and cuts.

 essential22PATCHOULI OIL

The essential oil derived from the patchouli bush apart from its distinctive aroma, has a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

It smoothes skin irregularities, scars, spots, regenerates skin cells, decreases wrinkles and lines, firms and restores loose skin. It also normalizes secretions of the skin and scalp. It has anti-stress properties, relaxing the spirit and the senses.

It eliminates depression and refreshes a tired mind. It restores the lost libido, because it is a powerful aphrodisiac agent.


The rosemary essential oil activates cell regeneration.

It tones dry and mature skin and treats oily skin as well.

It eliminates acne and spots, brightens a dull complexion, has antibacterial action and controls oil secretions. It sensibly mitigates and gradually eliminates broken vessels and varicose veins.

It hydrates the scalp and gives hair a healthy and shiny look. It is very effective in combating cellulite. It is a strong soothing agent and relaxes the nervous system by eliminating stress. It creates a feeling of optimism and confidence.


Works well on a wide range of skin problems including blemishes, rashes, warts, athlete's foot, fungal infections, wounds.

Effective in fighting acne without causing dryness, it reduces redness, swelling and lesions.

The plant has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and can be used against many infecting organisms. It is used in preparations of creams, ointments, shampoos and soaps.


For centuries, it has been used in the kitchen as a spice, as a drink against laryngitis, as a poultice against rheumatism.

It has very strong antibacterial and deodorizing properties.

It is a heating agent and helps microcirculation. The thyme essential oil should not be used by pregnant women and children.


Benefits any type of skin but is especially effective in balancing oil production.

Softens and smoothes skin also stimulates cell growth, which makes ideal for lines, wrinkles and mature skin.

Psychotherapists treat depression, emotional exhaustion, nervous tension with ylang ylang oil because it is a powerful aphrodisiac.


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