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Perfect moment for perfect tea cup

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In order to enjoy your cup of tea it is important to have a relaxed atmosphere and to provide enough time for performing tea ceremony. Appropriate moments for having a cup of tea are: when it’s drizzling, when kids are not at home, while chitchatting in the midnight, on the spring eve near the bamboo wood, when your are absentminded, with a good friend or a beautiful woman.

Non-appropriate moments for having a cup of tea are: when it’s pouring, when kids are at home, at the theater, while opening a letter. You should avoid a bad weather, crowded places, people in bad mood, talkative persons, money troubles, quarrelsome women and shrill kids. (Advices from a China tea book (Cha Su))

Basic tips of preparation of a perfect tea cup

 You should also mind the basic tips of preparation that result in perfect tea cup.

  • Always keep the tea in well tight containers, in cool and dry places.
  • The tea is best prepared in fresh soft water, which will enable the tea leaves to infuse it with their full aroma.
  • The water should be boiled in a heat-proof glass or enamel pot.
  • The prescribed quantity of tea leaves (in most cases one teaspoon to 1,5-2 dl of water) should be put in a pre-heated teapot (glass, clay, enamel)
  • The tea is never placed in hot water, but rather vice versa- the hot or warm water is poured over the tea leaves and left to sit for the recommended period of time (2-10 min. depends of tea variety), after which the tea is strained and served.


Green, white and oolong teas are not prepared with boiling hot water, but rather with boiled and then slightly cooled water.
Never use the same teapot for pure and flavored teas and always add a spoon more - for the pot

Now, it is your turn to find out your most appropriate moment to relax yourself and enjoy the beauty and magic of your favorite tea cup.


Green tea preparation

Tea2 1. Pre-heat the teapot





Tea32. Put a 1tsp for each cup + one for the pot





 Tea43. Pour the tea leaves with water (boiled and then cooled at T 70-80 C)





Tea54. After 3-5 minutes strain it and serve






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